Compagnie Litécox & Tiyatro BeReZe 

Choreography Daisy Fel
Performers Daisy Fel, Sacha Glachant, Elif Temuçin, Erkan Uyaniksoy, Nicolas Vendange
Light Design Gilles Faure
Scenography Fabienne Chassin, Lydie Dumas // Une Affaire de Goût
Music PJ Pargas
Costume Design Jérémie Tessier
Photographs Jean-Antoine Raveyre, Cyrille Cauvet, Seghir Zouaoui 
Diffusion / Administration Cécile Moulin
Production Coordinator Anna Alexandre // Stéla - le pass pour les étoiles
Premiere 21 October 2014, Bursa

Five dancers live in a mobile home, a house full of light with primary colors. Along with their moods and each of them’ feelings, the walls move to compose new spaces, create unexpected universes, framing a happy utopia.

Litecox company proposes with Tiyatro BeReZe a new version Home, performance created in 2013 in homage to Charlotte Perriand, architect-designer French female pioneer, precious Le Corbusier’s collaborator. Daisy Fel invited the four interprets to question the body in its relationships with the other, with objects, with the dwelling. The designer collective "Une Affaire de Goût" ("A matter of taste") conceived and constructed a scenography where the decor elements become real game fellows. The bodylines explore the possibilities of each element movements, building a suite of ideal spaces. In this peculiar design home, fun, well-being and sharing are  the first concerns...



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