Created and Performed by Elif Temuçin & Erkan Uyanıksoy
Scenography and Costumes Designed by Lucile Larour & Ilona Klein
Project Assistant Yasemin Kır
Movement Dramaturgy Nalan Özdemir Erem
Production Manager İrem Akbal
Light Desk Osman Onur Can
Sound Desk Yasemin Kır
Photos by Volkan Erkan & Yasin Almaz 
Duration 60 min.
Premiere 26 November 2017, Istanbul 

Special Thanks to Tiyatrotem, Bomontiada Alt and Elif Aydın

If you set out in this world, better be born seven times. 
Once, in a house on fire, 
once, in a freezing flood, 
once, in a wild madhouse, 
once, in a field of ripe wheat, 
once, in an empty cloister, 
and once among pigs in sty. 
Six babes crying, not enough: 
you yourself must be the seventh. 
(From the poem ‘’Seventh’’ by Attila József)

The play concerns itself with the issue of living together. 
Two shunned/outsider travellers speak to seeing eyes and hearing ears amidst tragedy and comedy from the quiet heart of the absurd.