All of a Sudden

Wrtten & Performed by Elif Temuçin
Directed by Erkan Uyanıksoy
Musician Kerem Erverdi
Assistant of Director Özge Ünal
Stage Designed by Asude Kılıç
Light Designed by Beril Yavuz
Costumes by Saniye İnce
Photographs and Exhibition Ali Saltan
Interviews and Sound Design Elif Temuçin & İrem Akbal
Producer İrem Akbal
Dramaturgy Firuze Engin
Project Asistant Cansu Ekici
Duration 90 dakika
Premiere 3 January 2020, Istanbul

16 years old Ipek has lots of questions in her mind about dreams, life, death, quantum, spotify, nature, mirrors, turkish ravioli and emptiness of the space...
A journey to the moments, faces and stories... But, what will Ipek wear? 

This play is produced by Gülriz Sururi & Engin Cezzar Theatre Award given by IKSV.