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Would Should Could

Sure Thing
Written by David Ives

English Made Simple
Written by David Ives

So Be It
Written by Elif Temuçin

Director: Elif Temuçin
Performers: Erkan Uyanıksoy & Elif Temuçin
Traslator: Necati Şahin

"Would Should Could" consists of three short plays. "Sure Thing" and "English Made Simple" are written by David Ives who is a contemporary American playwright. And last short play "So Be It" is written by Elif Temuçin through David Ives’ two short plays.

Jill: And a whole new universe opens up in front of us.
Jack: Full of joy.
Jill: All things are possible.
Jack: And it starts right on this spot.
Jill: Dead end.
Jack: Or bliss.
Jill: Would Should Could

olsa olmalı olabilir olsa olmalı olabilir