While You Were Away...

Written and Directed by Elif Temuçin

Performed by Elif Temuçin, Erkan Uyanıksoy

Music Composed by Onur Özmen
Poster Designed by Aslı Örge
Age Group 5-9

Duration 35 min.
Premiere 20 March 2008, Ankara

This play has been written on stage in the name of object theatre. Throughout the play, almost every object on stage is used/realized outside of its primary, fundamental function just like a child does in his/her everyday life. 

Story of the play
Erkan can't sleep this night. He misses his father who is far away. He asks his Mother Elif to tell the story of the day his parents meet each other. Mother Elif begins to tell the story while she is cleaning up the room and through the objects she is collecting, she also animates the day she meets her husband. Where the father really is, who he is or is this a tale mother and son has created for themselves? Who knows...