If you set out in this world, better be born seven times. 
Once, in a house on fire, 
once, in a freezing flood, 
once, in a wild madhouse, 
once, in a field of ripe wheat, 
once, in an empty cloister, 
and once among pigs in sty. 
Six babes crying, not enough: 
you yourself must be the seventh. 
(From the poem ‘’Seventh’’ by Attila József)

The play concerns itself with the issue of living together. 
Two shunned/outsider travellers speak to seeing eyes and hearing ears amidst tragedy and comedy from the quiet heart of the absurd.

Created and Performed by Elif Temuçin & Erkan Uyanıksoy
Scenography and Costumes Designed by Lucile Larour & Ilona Klein
Project Assistant Yasemin Kır
Movement Dramaturgy Nalan Özdemir Erem
Production Manager İrem Akbal
Light Desk Osman Onur Can
Sound Desk Yasemin Kır
Photos by Volkan Erkan & Yasin Almaz 
Duration 60 minutes
Premiere 26 November 2017, Istanbul 

Special Thanks to Tiyatrotem and Bomontiada Alt.