Would Should Could

"Would Should Could" consists of three short plays. "Sure Thing" and "English Made Simple" are written by David Ives who is a contemporary American playwright. And last short play "So Be It" is written by Elif Temuçin through David Ives’ plays.

Two performers play different possibilities of a relationship by twisting the time, changing characters and searching for the perfect option in the middle of infinite possibilities of life.

Jill: And a whole new universe opens up in front of us.
Jack: Full of joy.
Jill: All things are possible.
Jack: And it starts right on this spot.
Jill: Dead end.
Jack: Or bliss.
Jill: Would Should Could

Sure Thing
Written by David Ives

English Made Simple
Written by David Ives

So Be It
Written by Elif Temuçin

Directed by Elif Temuçin
Performed by Erkan Uyanıksoy & Elif Temuçin
Traslated by Necati Şahin
Poster Design Aslı Örge
Duration 55 minutes
Premiere 21 May 2009, Ankara