Lost and Found

Object Theatre for age group 3 and up

The story begins when a potted geranium plant is left in a taxi cab and brought to a lost and found office. Upset and homesick, the geranium dislikes this new place. The usual inhabitants of the room approach this unhappy flower with curiosity; then, they start sharing their own stories. They try to warm her up, telling her that living here is not as bad as she thinks. The confused geranium meets many new friends in this lost and found world: A theater costume missing her days as a celebrity, an old telephone who witnessed many a day of joy and sorrow, a suitcase who spent his life traveling around the world, a classy dance shoe, a piece of paper who resents being written on, and an umbrella who was left in the rain and caught a cold. But it’s still not easy for the gentle flower to adapt to this environment.

Disappointed with being left behind and deprived of sunlight in this dusty and dim room, the geranium falls into despair. Will she ever be happy here in this strange place with her new friends? When the night falls, she can’t sleep at all, but cries alone. Come the morning, a surprise awaits everyone.

Written by Sevim Ak
Adapted by Elif Temuçin & Firuze Engin
Performers / Puppeteers: Firuze Engin, Elif Temuçin, Güray Dinçol / Erkan Uyanıksoy
Costume Designed by Hilal Polat
Duration 45 minutes
Premiere 21 November 2010, Istanbul