All of a Sudden

16-year-old Ipek has lots of questions in her mind about boys, dreams, life, death, quantum mechanics, Spotify, nature, mirrors, Turkish ravioli and the immense emptiness of  space... And in the middle of these questions, some tragic news crash-lands into her family. All of a sudden everything changes. Her life tumbles and death becomes a very concrete reality. Ipek tries to find out how to deal with the pain, anger, grief, regret, longing and mourning. And as she strives to overcome these heavy feelings with confusion and frustration, Ipek gradually learns more about herself, her family and life. This is a story about growing.

A journey through the moments, faces and stories...

This play is produced by Gülriz Sururi & Engin Cezzar Theatre Award given by IKSV.

Written & Performed by Elif Temuçin
Directed by Erkan Uyanıksoy
Musician Kerem Erverdi
Assistant of Director Özge Ünal
Stage Designed by Asude Kılıç
Light Designed by Beril Yavuz
Costumes by Saniye İnce
Photographs and Design for Exhibition Ali Saltan
Interviews and Sound Design Elif Temuçin & İrem Akbal
Production Coordinator İrem Akbal
Project Asistant Cansu Ekici
Photographed by Tara Demircioğlu
Duration 90 minutes
Premiere 3rd January 2020, BeReZe Performance House - Istanbul