The Miser

A man who loves only his gold but nothing else; unlucky lovers who want to marry their lovers but nothing else; a disguised father who aims to find his family but nothing else; poor servants who only get a beating in the end but nothing else... All these characters' desires, intentions and frailties crash and the rot sets in at a house where the money is expensive, but really really expensive! But in this world, which only money makes go around, nothing else matters when you really love! Only love can challenge money, because "love is love!"

Written by Molière
Translated by Sabahattin Eyüboğlu
Directed by Elif Temuçin
Performed by Erkan Uyanıksoy, İbrahim Can Sayan, Hatice Cansu Karagöz, Özge Ünal, Firuze Engin, Sevcan Başaydın, Can Çelik, Murat Kural, Pelinsu Ekşioğlu
Musicians: Kerem Erverdi, Barış Aksu
Costume Design: İlayda Saran
Light Design: Doğu Yaşar Akal
Light Application: Pelinsu Ekşioğlu
Assistants of Director: İrem Uyum, Pelinsu Ekşioğlu
Poster Design: Gökçe Erverdi
Photography: Tara Demircioğlu
Duration: 80 minutes
Premiere: 30 October 2022, BeReZe Performance House - Istanbul