Exit The King

KING: Why was I born if it wasn’t going to be for ever? Damn my parents! What a joke, what a farce! I came into the world five minutes ago. I got married three minutes ago.
MARGUERITE: Two hundred and eighty-three years.
KING: I came to the throne two and a half minutes ago.
MARGUERITE: Two hundred and seventy-seven years and three months.
KING: Never had time to take a breather! Never had time to get to know life.
MARGUERITE: You never even tried.

Eugène Ionesco’s Exit the King (Le Roi se meurt) has a unique place in the history of absurdist drama with its observation of the tragicomic state of being in a fantastic yet linear theatrical format. With an uncommon approach to this dialogue-heavy play, BeReZe Theatre has created a rigorously choreographed vaudevillian traffic around the declining central character, the King, utilizing an unconventional stage design.

Written by: Eugène Ionesco
Translated & Directed by: Semih Fırıncıoğlu
Performed by: Erkan Uyanıksoy, Elif Temuçin, Cansu Karagöz, Can Çelik, Özge Ünal, Özgür Doğa Görürgöz
Assistant Director: Özgür Doğa Görürgöz
Set Design: Semih Fırıncıoğlu
Costume Design: Cansu Karagöz
Light Design: Semih Fırıncıoğlu, Can Çelik
Poster Design: Emre Senan
Set Production: Kerem Erverdi, Özgür Doğa Görürgöz
Production Coordinator: Firuze Engin
Photography: İrem Uyum
Duration: 75 min.
Premiere: 9/12/2022, BeReZe Performance House - Istanbul