Firuze Engin

Firuze Engin was born in 1984, in Edirne, Turkey.

Firuze graduated from Edirne Fine Arts Highschool with a focus on painting. She earned her bachelor's degree in Theater at Ankara University. She worked as a performer and designer for "Son Sahne Oyuncuları", and designed costumes for "Yer altı Oyuncuları". In 2006, she co-founded Theater BeReZe. Her performance experience in Istanbul includes "Isn't It?" with Studio 4 İstanbul, and "Bernarda Alba's House" with Thater Oyunbaz. She continues her work in theater with Theater Oyunbaz and Theater BeReZe. She has also been writing for radio, for various TV series and children's shows; and still works as a screen writer and playwrite.