But I Need It

Written and Directed by Elif Temuçin & Firuze Engin
Performed by Firuze Engin, Elif Temuçin, Coşkun Doğan / Erkan Uyanıksoy
Costumes by Hilal Polat
Poster Designed by Aslı Örge
Age Group 3-6
Duration 40 minutes
Premiere 11 January 2009, Ankara

"But I Need It!" is the first play of a play series for preschool children. Elik and Firuz -who are story tellers and puppeteers of the play- live in the same house as close friends. Firuz is indolent, untidy and lives for delight. Elik is hurried, curious and tidy. When they have a problem, Firuz creates solutions quickly with her practical understanding and uses her instincts whereas Elik uses her knowledge and logic. They also have two puppets: Fly (on Firuz's shoulder) and Grandmother (on Elik's right hand). These two fellows experience new adventures in different stories.

Story of the Play

Grandmother wins a holiday prize from a quiz-show on TV. She goes alone.  When she is on holiday, she meets a chatterbox crab. Crab tells her about a huge shoe that he found in a shipwreck. He shoulders grandmother and takes her bottom of the sea to show the shoe. However, when they reach crab's home, they encounter an unexpected situation. They learn that crab's mother put the shoe in front of the door since it is too old, huge, useless; and water snake took the shoe from there while she was moving her house. Crab gets angry since his mother chucked the shoe over his head. He hits the road to find the water snake with grandmother. However to find the shoe is not that easy as they expect; so, the adventure begins...

While they are looking for the shoe, grandmother never asks the matter question:

What does a crab do with a shoe?

Why does a crab need a shoe?